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Aeroflow Lactation provides mothers with comprehensive and efficient lactation care and parenting support through virtual and in-person visits and classes. 

What moms are saying

My consultation with Alison was extremely helpful and informative! I came with lots of random questions and she patiently talked me through everything and even emailed a care plan after our conversation that reviewed what we had discussed and had more relevant information for me to look through. I feel much more prepared and know that I can reach out to her if I have any questions or problems once our kiddo is here. I would highly recommend this consultation, especially in these Covid times when you might not have gotten a personalized birth class experience that you were wanting.

Sarah Jane

I had a great experience using HerSource to access lactation education during the COVID-19 pandemic. I am so grateful I got to meet with my consultant regularly both before I had my baby and after she came home from the hospital. She was extremely knowledgeable and gave me a lot of help on how to be successful at breastfeeding.


Our prenatal appointment ended becoming a postpartum breastfeeding consultation because the baby arrived earlier than expected. HerSource was quick to reply and adapt to our new situation. My husband and I had very productive and pleasant virtual calls with our lactation consultant Hadassah. She was attentive to our needs and provided excellent guidance and education to us on the workings of lactation and feeding an infant. These virtual meetings were instrumental to set us up for successful breastfeeding and wellbeing of both mom and baby. Thank you so very much, we couldn’t have done it without you!


“I was shocked to learn that my insurance could cover lactation consultations, especially such a generous amount! I knew that I had some challenges ahead of me, specifically with planning on returning to work as a pumping momma and with a history of tongue ties in my family.

Sandra was an answer to prayer–her expertise with tongue and lip ties were a HUGE support to me and helped me make it through the long wait (four weeks) to get a tongue tie revision. She showed me exercises to do with my baby, encouraged me through nursing pain and fluctuating baby behavior, and helped me plan for the return to work to meet my breastfeeding goals.

I have recommended the HerSource resource to many new mothers both in person and online, and I have specifically recommended Sandra via HerSource to several parents of tongue tied babies. Thank you so much for this resource, and for Sandra’s place in your team. ”


” The HerSource prenatal classes came at the perfect time when I was looking for free online prenatal classes as we are first time parents and had a lot of questions but couldn’t afford these multi-week packages. The instructors were very nice and open, provided a lot of detail and answered all of our questions. They came prepared with agendas and points they wanted to hit and ensured there was enough time for Q&A. I also think the pacing of the classes was good as the time seem to fly by.  ”