As lactation providers we want you to know we are on your team. We are here to help you fulfill your goals and help you on your journey. Here are some things we want you to know as you embark on your journey.


  1. Taking a breastfeeding class to prepare is VERY helpful


Research shows that moms that take a breastfeeding class during pregnancy have a higher success rate and longevity of breastfeeding then moms who do not. Just like before you go into anything in life whether your career or new job you take some kind of class, orientation or do a good amount of research in order to be successful, same goes for breastfeeding. While you are in the thick of the problems, with a newborn, and sleep deprived will be a hard time to try to take in a bunch of new information. At least learning the basics of breastfeeding such as how often a baby needs to feed, diaper output, how to latch, how to know when they are full, how to know if it is a supply issue, integrating pumping, bottle feeding, etc. will help avoid starting from scratch once the baby is here.


  1. Don’t feel guilty about asking for help, and ask early on


While breastfeeding is natural it doesn’t always come naturally and that is okay. We as moms are not supposed to know everything, but we have trusted professionals that we can turn to. If your baby had an issue with his heart you would seek a cardiologist not an orthopaedic doctor who deals with bones correct? This is the same for lactation, if you are having an issue with lactation you seek a lactation consultant. We can help you get an appointment set up virtually by clicking here covered by your insurance. You also would seek out help right away if something was wrong with the baby’s heart to avoid further complications or any slippery slopes, same goes for lactation. We are on the same page as you and are here to help get you back on track. Do not feel guilty for reaching out.


  1. Almost all obstacles have a correction

Almost all the obstacles in breastfeeding have a correction. Sometimes it can be adjusting latch or positioning, sometimes it is something orally needing corrected such as lip or tongue tie, sometimes it is as simple as us overthinking as moms or being provided misinformation. Thankfully when you reach out to our team we can help play detective and get to the bottom of  your obstacle and give you a plan of care to get back on track. The earlier you reach out with your obstacle the better, this is crucial.


  1. We care about the mother as much as the baby


Understanding this is crucial to the relationship between mom and lactation provider. We are not there to only give you one choice or scold you in anyway. We are there to work as a team in finding what works not only for your baby, but for you too. Your mental health is just as important and sometimes we need to be flexible and offer you solutions that can work for you. Your goals, emotions, situation, etc are very individualized to you so it is not a one size fits all plan of care that is given. We want you to know that we take into consideration the whole picture to best support you and your little one on your journey.


  1. Lack of support is the most common problem

From the moment a mom delivers the labor and delivery staff are there to support you on your breastfeeding journey unfortunately sometimes you are not given the best advice and that can be a rough start for mom and baby. Support can be helping mom find out what is really the issue and not putting a bandaid on things with a nipple shield or formula supplementing. Support can be giving mom the tools and education she needs that are unique to her dynamic. Support can be holding your baby so mom can eat or shower, or making a meal so mom can eat. Without proper lactation support as well as support from family members and your job it can make your journey more challenging. Sometimes if you live in a rural area you may not have access to an in-home lactation appointment, so it may require you driving 30-60 minutes for help which can be difficult with a newborn.