Whether you just welcomed your baby and are realizing you need more functional and comfortable bras and apparel to make breastfeeding and pumping easier or you are planning ahead and making your postpartum shopping list, we have the ultimate guide on what to wear while breastfeeding and pumping. Nursing bras, breastfeeding tops, and hands-free pumping bras have come a long way over the last decade! Moms have more choices than ever before and many postpartum clothing manufacturers have created multi-functional garments that have many uses. Just look at the all-in-one combination bras intended for nursing and hands-free pumping. So cool! Ready to review the most popular and expert-recommended breastfeeding apparel? We are. 


The basics – nursing bras

Every breastfeeding or pumping mom will need at least 3 nursing bras. For everyday use, look for bras that are stretchy and can adjust to your changing breast/body shape and size during your breastfeeding journey. Most basic nursing bras come in standard sizes (i.e. small, medium, large, and XL) and do not require a bra fitting. Experts agree: moms should avoid underwire bras as much as possible, and especially for the first 3 months after delivery when the odds of developing clogged ducts is most likely.


Here are a few of our favorite nursing bras for everyday wear:



(for fuller chested moms) https://aeroflowbreastpumps.com/bravado-body-silk-seamless-nursing-bra-large-extra-large



(for fuller chested moms)



Double-duty – combination nursing and hands-free pumping bras

If you will be doing any pumping during the course of your breastfeeding journey, purchasing a hands-free pumping bra (or 3) is very smart. While some moms prefer the more structured fit found in traditional hands-free pumping bras/bustiers that do not also serve as nursing bras, many moms love having 1 bra that does it all. (We will share links to the most popular hands-free pumping bras/bustiers, too, not to worry.) 


Here are a few of our favorite all-in-one hands-free pumping and nursing bras:







Here are the 2 most popular hands-free pumping bustiers available:






Designed for comfort – nighttime nursing bras and breastfeeding gowns

Not sure why you might want/need a different type of bra for overnight? Two words: comfort and accessibility. The same goes for breastfeeding gowns. Nighttime nursing bras and breastfeeding gowns are made from the softest of fabrics, are easy-to-clean, and typically have panels that can be easily moved to the side while breastfeeding (even in side-lying positions). The convenience of not fiddling with snaps and trying to ensure your bra is completely out of the way while nursing in the middle of the night is priceless when you’re exhausted and nursing a hungry baby for the umpteenth time. 

Here are a few of our favorite nighttime nursing bras and nursing gowns:







Dress it up – stylish nursing bras, fashionable breastfeeding tops, and easy-access dresses

Headed back to work, a night out, or just want to feel sexier? Not all nursing bras and apparel are plain and lack style. We have compiled some of the more fashionable bras, breastfeeding-friendly tops/blouses, and dresses you can actually nurse or pump in.

Here are some stylish nursing bras to consider:





Here are some breastfeeding-friendly tops/blouses you might like:








Here are some dresses designed for easy breastfeeding and pumping:






Layered looks – breastfeeding camisoles and tanks

Breastfeeding camisoles and tanks have become really popular among breastfeeding moms in recent years. Moms love them because they do not expose much (if any) skin while breastfeeding and can be worn with/under your favorite tops for discreetly nursing in public. Additionally, many breastfeeding camisoles and tanks are flattering and help comfortably slim your waistline. 


Here are our favorite breastfeeding tank tops and camisoles: