Mothering support has never been this easy!

Preparing for baby and those first few months of new motherhood feel a lot less stressful with HerSource by your side.

We have tried to identify every area you might have questions about – childbirth prep, how to care for baby, infant sleep, breastfeeding, going to back to work, pumping, and more.

Whenever possible, we try to get coverage through your insurance to get you the support you need, but when insurance can’t come through, we have affordable classes for everyone.

One-on-One Appointments

When you need some individual attention and want your information tailored to your special questions or medical concerns, private sessions are the way to go. We encourage you to have an appointment both prenatally and after your baby is born. Appointments can be scheduled 7 days per week at a convenient time for you!

Group Classes

We’ve made Hersource classes as fun and informative as possible with lots of time for Q&A and live demonstrations. We welcome your partner to join, so please make sure to pick a time that works for both of you. Classes take place throughout the day and evening on both weekdays and weekends via Zoom.

Free Support Groups

Join our weekly support group on Mondays at 3pm via Zoom. Click HERE for the link. No registration is required!

We want all mamas to feel like we are in this together. Sharing your challenges and wins with others can be so helpful. It takes a virtual village!

Frequently Asked Questions

I received a breastpump recently but would love help putting it together. Does HerSource do that?2021-02-16T14:16:33+00:00

Yes, we have lactation consultants on our staff who are actually certified in pump demonstration, flange fitting and pump scheduling. On our one on one appointment request form, you will be able to check off that you would like pump support.

I thought lactation care just happened postpartum. What would we talk about prenatally?2021-11-06T05:40:39+00:00

Lots! Studies have shown that prenatal education significantly increases your chances of meeting your breastfeeding goals, minimizes supplementation, and facilitates a full milk supply. In addition, here are some of the important topics that can affect breastfeeding that we can discuss and help you work through during your pregnancy:

  • Fertility history
  • Mental health history
  • Past breast surgeries or biopsies
  • Pregnancy complications
  • Prior breastfeeding problems with other children and how that might affect things with your new baby
  • Home and new mother support and care plans 
  • Maternity leave set up
  • Parenting style compatibility between parents
  • Dietary counseling including supplements and food sensitivities 
  • Medications and breastfeeding

At your appointment, your certified consultant will get your medical history and discuss any concerns you may have that might affect breastfeeding, your birth or how you care for your baby. She will tailor the content of the session to your needs and your questions. Your partner or other support person is welcome to join the session if you think that would be helpful.

Do you only do online support or can I see someone at home?2021-11-06T05:23:40+00:00

Currently HerSource is offering online support throughout the US. However, if one of our lactation consultants lives near you, she would happy to see you in your home, or we can refer you to the best resources in your area.

If I have a prenatal consult, can I continue seeing the same provider after my baby is born?2021-02-22T16:57:41+00:00

Yes, you and your prenatal consultant can continue working together after your baby is born. Most moms need a little real time support to get feeding off to a good start.

How can I find out if support is covered by my insurance?2021-02-16T19:20:00+00:00

If you have been sent an email from HerSource directly, it’s likely you are covered and that we have already pre-qualified you for care with us. Go ahead and sign up for an appointment or class. If you were sent to HerSource by a friend or found us another way, we would be happy to check your insurance policy. Just reach out to us here.

How far along in my pregnancy should I be before my first session?2021-02-22T15:53:03+00:00

You are welcome to join us at any time. However, over 70% of our moms schedule their first appointment or class when they are around 7 or 8 months pregnant. Our providers are experts in their fields and are able to help you with the majority of birth, baby and lactation prep questions you might have.

If my insurance doesn’t cover consults or classes, how can I pay to attend?2021-11-06T05:42:17+00:00

Contact our office at, and we can take payment over the phone or send you an online invoice.


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