When to Set Up Your Lactation Appointment

Scheduling a prenatal lactation appointment increases the likelihood for successful breastfeeding initiation as well as reaching your long term lactation goals.

Reasons to set up a lactation appointment while pregnant:

  1. Learn what to expect in the early days and all the benefits of human milk for babies and mothers.
  2. Know what supplies you need before the baby comes, such as a breast pump, and how to order; see if you qualify here…
  3. Learn the mechanics of pumping or expressing milk.
  4. Discuss any concerns with a lactation provider about the impact of other health concerns on successful breastfeeding. This can be especially helpful if you have PCOS, previous milk supply issues, hypothyroidism, history of breast surgery, or flat or inverted nipples.
  5. Create a plan to discuss your maternity leave and future pumping schedule with your employer.

A postpartum lactation check-in is recommended even if feeding seems like it’s going well.

Reasons to set up a lactation appointment after baby is born:

  1. Unlike a pediatrician who only treats the baby, or an OB who only treats you, lactation consultants care for both you and baby and make sure the breastfeeding relationship between the two of you is working optimally.
  2. Educate yourself on adequate diaper output, proper latch and best nursing positions to ensure baby is gaining weight and hitting milestones.
  3. Check in about your emotional health as it relates to breastfeeding.
  4. Collect tips about optimizing your milk supply to go back to work, safe storing of milk, and how to handle separation from your baby.
  5. Get questions answered regarding alcohol consumption and medications and how they affect milk supply.

Lactation consultations are most often covered as a preventative benefit service under your insurance plan. Contact us for questions or to see if you qualify!


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