Congratulations, you have your lactation appointment booked, but you are wondering what to expect. Whether you are pregnant or your little one’s breastfeeding journey has just begun we can help. We have outlined what the before, during, and after of an appointment with our providers will look like. We want you to feel comfortable and be fully prepared.


Before the Appointment

Once you select the day/time and provider she will send you a questionnaire to fill out. This information will help the lactation provider get the best picture of your situation before entering the appointment. Some of the questions you will be asked are about your birth if you had the baby already or previous breastfeeding journeys, what your goals are for feeding, going back to work, any issues or concerns you are currently experiencing, diaper output and feeding frequency of the baby, just to name a few. You will be instructed to schedule as close as possible to baby’s feeding time. If you have a breast pump you should have it available at the appointment if you need help with set up, how to use, flange fitting, etc.


During the Appointment

The lactation provider will first go over your intake paperwork with you and ask any follow up questions. Next she will observe you latching, baby sucking, and post feed nipple appearance if feeding/latching is the issue. You can share any current concerns or potential concerns if still pregnant.  She will adjust any feeding positions or teach you different breastfeeding positions. She can help you with using your breast pump, sizing your flanges, and answer any questions about pumping, going back to work, introducing the bottle, etc. You will come up with a plan together and be given follow up suggestions.


Prenatally you will go over how to breastfeed, the ins and outs of breastmilk, what to expect during the first 48 hours and when you return home from the hospital, how to tell if baby is getting enough, how to maintain healthy milk supply, how to avoid common problems of breastfeeding, when to reach out for help, introducing a bottle and solids, and breastfeeding with returning to work or school. We want you to go into breastfeeding with the most knowledge and confidence in your baby’s feeding journey.

After the Appointment

After the appointment within 24 hours you will receive a plan of care which will cover everything you and the lactation provider went over, If any products were recommended there will be names/links. If any referrals to other providers are recommended all of that information will be on there. If you are still pregnant any links of resources, videos, products that were recommended for the most successful journey will be on there. It will also have any follow up instructions and how to reach a lactation provider if you need an in person consult, or follow up.


Feel free to click here to sign up if you have not already or ask any questions we may not have answered for you. It is important to address any breastfeeding issues early on. The sooner you can treat and resolve breastfeeding issues, the better it is for you and baby. If you are still pregnant the more knowledge you can prepare yourself with before the baby arrives the better success rate you have at initiating and continuing breastfeeding. We look forward to helping you on your breastfeeding journey.

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